Expanding Dictionary Of Acoustic Model

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to tell you how to expand dictionary of acoustic model for Sphinx4. In simple words, This tutorial will tell you how you can add more words in Sphinx’s words database (Dictionary) and let it recognize those words, which are not available in default acoustic models provided by CMU Sphinx. This […]

Sphinx 4.0 Video Tutorial ( High Quality )

Hello, Here’s the same video tutorial but with higher video quality. For more info about the tutorial, please check the original post here. Download Sphinx 4.0 Video Tutorial File Details : Name : Sphinx-Tutorial.avi Size : 334 MBs Duration : 26:14 Minutes Dimensions : 1280 x 800

Speech Recognizer In Java (Tutorial)

Hello All, This is my first video tutorial. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a speech recognizer in java using Sphinx. Requirements to work according to the tutorial : 1 ) JDK 6 ( J2SE ) 2 ) Eclipse SDK ( Im using Eclipse 3.4.0 ) 3 ) Sphinx 4.0 4 ) JSAPI ( Included […]