Call Beaver Builder layouts and templates from PHP – WordPress

Load Beaver Builder layouts and templates from PHP. Load Beaver Builder layouts, templates and rows from PHP and render the content from specific post.


CodeIgniter – Get controller or method name

Hey everyone! Ever since I wrote a few posts on CodeIgniter and published Facebook PHP SDK for CodeIgniter library, and I have been asked this very same question many times. How to get name of current controller (Class) and method (Function)? Its pretty simple one line code and can be easily found through Google. But […]

Facebook PHP SDK for CodeIgniter

Integrating Facebook PHP SDK is not that hard, it only takes few minutes to do that. But its completely different story when you are integrating it with CodeIgniter. Thats because Facebook PHP SDK takes input from $_REQUEST variable while CodeIgniter purges the $_REQUEST variable for security reasons. Other important reason is theres no dedicated library […]

Making External Calls – CodeIgniter

In web development, sometimes you have to use multiple scripts but preferably with same design. I personally prefer CodeIgniter PHP framework for website development. So I end up in situation where I had to integrate third party scripts with CodeIgniter but keeping the same layout and design site wide. Not just design but also the […]

I’m still alive

Hello everyone, It’s been almost a month, I haven’t updated my website.  Just 3 weeks left to my final exams for 2 years technical diploma (ANIIT) from NIIT.  And i will have to attend 2 exams ( EJB 3.0, and Software Testing / Quality Assurance ) plus I will have to submit a project before […]

Image processing in PHP

Hello All, Here’s a simple PHP code to convert an image into Black and White Or Negative Or any other color combination. Demo : Click here to see the code Enjoy!