Getting started with Eclipse

Hey everyone, In this post, I will discuss how to create projects within Eclipse. Once Eclipse is installed (but I’m using portable version) and when you firstly run it. Follow the steps in order to create java projects : 1 – Click File menu or right click on the Project explorer. 2 – Select New […]

Sphinx 4.0 Video Tutorial ( High Quality )

Hello, Here’s the same video tutorial but with higher video quality. For more info about the tutorial, please check the original post here. Download Sphinx 4.0 Video Tutorial File Details : Name : Sphinx-Tutorial.avi Size : 334 MBs Duration : 26:14 Minutes Dimensions : 1280 x 800

Finally FreeTTS Worked :)

Hello everyone! After long long research on Speech Synthesizer and working on projects based on Speech Recognizer.  Finally I made FreeTTS work using Eclipse SDK. I have tested it on Windows XP, Vista and Mac, Working fine on all the Operating systems. I found it little confusing but once you start working on something, Everything […]

Speech Recognizer In Java (Tutorial)

Hello All, This is my first video tutorial. This tutorial demonstrates how to make a speech recognizer in java using Sphinx. Requirements to work according to the tutorial : 1 ) JDK 6 ( J2SE ) 2 ) Eclipse SDK ( Im using Eclipse 3.4.0 ) 3 ) Sphinx 4.0 4 ) JSAPI ( Included […]