Speech Recognizer in java using Eclipse SDK.

I’m using Sphinx 4. It’s a Speech Recognizer API (no synthesizer) written in java. Sphinx 4 is an implementation of Java Speech API (JSAPI) 1.0.

Requirements to work according to the tutorial :

1 ) JDK 6 ( J2SE )

2 ) Eclipse SDK ( Im using Eclipse 3.4.0 )

3 ) Sphinx 4.0

4 ) JSAPI ( Included in Sphinx 4.0 )

Other Articles :

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How To Improve Accuracy ( Sphinx 4 )


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  1. Hello,

    I would like to convert speech to text on Turkish. Do you have your opportunity to share your projects or Turkish library ?

  2. Hello, I want to put my voice recognition project in a zip file and give it to another user to unpack and run on his PC but it does not work due to some reference issue (maybe because of the library). Could you please suggest me a solution?

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