Hello Everyone,

Now, This one is going to be completely Pwing Update! Better painting, more theme colors, supports more components and introducing ‘PStylishFrame’.

Lets talk about PStylishFrame, inspired from LooknFeel of Mozilla Firefox 4, Google Chrome and other latest web browsers. We ( I and my trainee’s ) decided to create one such stylish frame for Pwing users. So here’s the very first screen shot of Pwing’s PStylishFrame.

Pwing GUI Toolkit's JStylishFrame ScreenShot

We are not yet done with it. Currently it supports Pwing’s Black color theme only. It’s not resizeable. It supports PStatusBar, which is another new component added in Pwing toolkit.

We have made few changes in component painting for better performance. Changed the Pwing’s component Hierarchy. Now most of the components extends ‘PComponent’ as their Superclass. PComponent has all the basic properties required to create a Pwing based component.

Pwing supports 4 color themes now and those are Black, Blue, Pink and Green. Blue is default theme for all the components if you don’t set any Theme Controller (Controller class) on them.

List of new added Components : PComponent, PStylishFrame, PStatusBar and PProgressBar.

Upcoming Components : PStylishMenu, PScaleBar, and PSplash.

I will update source on SVN Repository but Binary/Source JARs will posted once components listed above are done and tested on all color themes.

Pwing’s Project Page