Pwing Logo Pwing is a GUI toolkit, Is a set of widgets/components for use in designing applications with graphical user interfaces (GUI’s). It is based on Swing toolkit, part of Sun Microsystem’s Java Foundation Classes (JFC) API. It is developed to provide a better set of components to create more interactive GUI based applications in Java. Each component facilitates a specific user-computer interaction, and appears as a visible part of the computer’s GUI.

Pwing Example


Latest Release : Pwing Alpha


Components Support by Pwing :

  • PArrow
  • PButton
  • PCheckBox
  • PComboBox
  • PFrame
  • PLabel
  • PMenu
  • PMenuBar
  • PRadioButton
  • PTextField

Links :


You can download it directly from SourceForge :

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6 Responses

  1. please release the documentation or any other tutorial

    it seems that PButton does’nt work accordingly

  2. Hey rahul,

    Sorry for late reply,

    Pwing is compatible/works on JRE 6 or above ( the updates ). I’m working on it to make it compatible with all versions.

    I have made few changes for better and fast painting, also added few more components.

    Updates will be available soon ( hopefully in 3-4 days ).


  3. hey

    i am developing a jsp and servlet based website project. In my project i want to use voice to text conversion module. i got coding in sphinx4 java coding but i can’t implement this sphinx coding in servlet or jsp program. please help me

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