Hello Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your new year holidays so i did :D Belated Happy New Year to all of you. The reason i haven’t update anything on website is, GNIIT Semester B Exams (Over now). I entered Semester C of my GNIIT course.

These days, im working on developing a Object-Relational Mapping Framework, Thats Pikk.

Pikk’s primary feature is Object-Relational mapping from Java classes to database tables and from Java data types to SQL data types. Pikk also supports data query and retrieval facilities. Pikk generates the SQL calls and relieves the developer from manual result set handling, object conversion and keeping the application portable to all supported SQL databases.

Mapping Java classes to database tables is done by Java classes and a single PikkMapping file ( auto generated by Framework ).

Pikk also supports one-to-many and many-to-many relationship between classes and so for database tables. It also provides many manipulation methods so developer can focus on programming logic.

I’m still working on it and will be out for you soon.

Stay tuned! Regards,

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