Hello everyone,

It’s been almost a month, I haven’t updated my website.  Just 3 weeks left to my final exams for 2 years technical diploma (ANIIT) from NIIT.  And i will have to attend 2 exams ( EJB 3.0, and Software Testing / Quality Assurance ) plus I will have to submit a project before i can attend those exams.  My topic for project is “Image processing”. I’m not really worried about exams and project. Project is almost done. 🙂

My current research topics :

Computational linguistics , and Continuous Speech Recognition Algorithms

Now a days, I’m working with Spain based company named <UNDEFINED> is Official Adobe’s Enterprise Solution Partner. They have a long list of technologies for developing Desktop and Web based RIA’s but they mainly work on : Adobe Flex, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash With PHP and Java.  Company’s Website

That’s it for now ! Signing off.

Puneet Kalra

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