Laravel Collective is a package to generate HTML form by using a set of shortcodes. It is easy to integrate into any Laravel project.

Imagine you are developing a website or system that required a huge number of input sources such as textbox, radio buttons,checkbox fields, dropdownlist and the textarea, and you are addressing raw HTML code in one blade file along with blade syntax such as old(“value”) to retains previous input text, checked radio, selected dropdown item, etc. It causes a lot of confusion in the blade template or it causes the developer to waste his time to modify HTML codes.

Steps for installation

1. Open command prompt/terminal and find a project path.

2. Run:

3. Now, add your new provider to the provider’s array of config/app.php:

4. And finally, add two class aliases to the aliases array of config/app.php:

Thats it! With that you have successfully enabled Laravel Collective on your Laravel installation!

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