Hello everyone,

Its been quite long, I haven’t made any update on my site. Because i was busy researching/working on Artificial Intelligence techniques and specifically on Sphinx 4.

In this post, I’m going explain you a widely used, simple but important technique named “Finite State Machine”, In short “FSM”. Basically, FSM is used as a control technique in context of Artificial Intelligence. FSM is model of composition of Behaviors and executing Actions by finite numbers of states and transitions between those states.

Using this technique we can understand how Actors (Objects) will behave and perform action (Logic) when system realizes specific real time conditions and present state of system. Current state of system can be recognized by past states changing by input changes from start of system to the current state. Transition plays an important role in FSM. Transitions are like barriers between two states. Barriers should be unlocked by fulfilling the condition to move from one state to another.

FSM Example

FSM Example - Source : Wikipedia

Finite State Machine is widely used. It can used for Simple string data comparison and also for designing highly complex operating systems.