Hey everyone,

There’s something about being able to code that will always impress people, and it’s probably because you have the ability to create and change software and sites at a base level, with a level of customisability unavailable to those who can’t code. But some wonder what it’s useful for, or why they can’t just hire someone else to do it for them.

The easy answer is that yes, you technically can ask someone else to write code for you, but only if you’re prepared to pay someone else’s salary and potentially their expenses. Sound a little too costly? That’s because a coder’s experience doesn’t come cheap, or at least it shouldn’t. If you’re looking to create a game, some software, then you’re going to need someone who can write code. Sounds a little stressful, but it doesn’t have to be; making yourself that person is possible.

Learning to code is simply learning a new language, albeit with some significant shifts in syntax and punctuation. Starting with something easy, like Javascript – perhaps using CodeYear’s Javascript course as a good starting point – will introduce you to the concept of code and the way it works. The reason for learning a simpler language before attempting something more complex is because you can learn the basics used in a variety of code languages by doing it this way.

It also means that if you want something that isn’t available – say a certain set of options in some software, or a customisable form for your website – you can simply create one. Having the ability to do this not only keeps your costs down, but it also means that when something breaks, you’re far more likely to not only discover what the issue is fairly rapidly, but you’ll also likely be able to fix it.

So try out some code lessons and see what you make of it – I’ve spent some time in the world of Java, and the benefits seem evident. Good luck, and enjoy crafting your own ideal digital experience.