Expanding Dictionary Of Acoustic Model

Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to tell you how to expand dictionary of acoustic model for Sphinx4. In simple words, This tutorial will tell you how you can add more words in Sphinx’s words database (Dictionary) and let it recognize those words, which are not available in default acoustic models provided by CMU Sphinx. This […]

Sphinx 4.0 Framework

This image describes the framework components and working of Sphinx 4.0 Stay tuned!

Finally FreeTTS Worked :)

Hello everyone! After long long research on Speech Synthesizer and working on projects based on Speech Recognizer.  Finally I made FreeTTS work using Eclipse SDK. I have tested it on Windows XP, Vista and Mac, Working fine on all the Operating systems. I found it little confusing but once you start working on something, Everything […]

Speech Recognition System

Hello everyone, After spending hundred of hours doing RnD on JSAPI, I have successfully created my first demo application that work on voice commands. Its just a simple application that accepts the voice commands and print numbers in a textbox by reading voice tokens. After working on it for so long, the things are pretty […]

Sun Microsystems releases VirtualBox 2.1

Overview : Turn your PC into an easy-to-use virtualization platform with Sun xVM VirtualBox, the free and open source software that runs on all major operating systems and eliminates the need for tradeoffs or multiple hardware systems. Some significant milestones by Andy Hall, Sun’s Sr. Product Manager of VirtualBox : First, over 8 million copies […]