Back with updates – Feb, 2013

Been off from blogging for almost a year. Last year was one of the busiest year of my life so far (Still my friends think I’m really free and jobless guy, duh!). One big decision and change was moving to Elance as freelancing and project management site. After the acquisition and merger of Scriptlance by […]

Code knowledge – useful?

Hey everyone, There’s something about being able to code that will always impress people, and it’s probably because you have the ability to create and change software and sites at a base level, with a level of customisability unavailable to those who can’t code. But some wonder what it’s useful for, or why they can’t […]

Update 2011

Hello everyone, YES! I’m back. This is my first update for year 2011. Okay, I know it’s April and I haven’t update anything here. Now, I’m near to end of my first year of BSc (Hons) Computing at University of Wales, Newport and I’m loving it. Now I can say I’m living my dream. Study […]

Back To Basics : Number Systems

Hello everyone, In this post, I will be talking about Number Systems. Yes, Even after researching and discussing on such advance topics like Speech Recognition, Image processing etc. I’m still posting this basic but very important thing for hackers, Wait! Chill, I’m using first term for hackers. Those who are into Computing. Being honest, I […]

Updates from Newport, Wales.

Hello Everyone, As many of you have already noticed, Yes, I have moved to Newport, Wales, United Kingdom. Now, some of you must be thinking, “What the heck is he doing there ?” Well, I’m doing BSC Computing from University of Wales, Newport as well as studying Robotics in same university ofcourse. Right now, I’m […]

And the research continues ..

Hey everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. First of all, Thanks for being so supportive, appreciating my work and posting such nice comments. Also, Sorry for not updating my blog as I’m really busy these days. And yes, few updates from my research.. Yeah Yeah! I know, I’m busy but still, I can’t […]

Busy busy days !

Aah! Finally got some free time. Last two months were so damn busy that sometimes i feel like, I updated my blog  just a week ago. Anyways, I know its already more than 2 months i haven’t updated my blog. No such informational things to tell you about, Let me share few major project i […]

Finite State Machine ( FSM )

Hello everyone, Its been quite long, I haven’t made any update on my site. Because i was busy researching/working on Artificial Intelligence techniques and specifically on Sphinx 4. In this post, I’m going explain you a widely used, simple but important technique named “Finite State Machine”, In short “FSM”. Basically, FSM is used as a […]

How To Improve Accuracy ( Sphinx 4 )

Hello everyone, I’m back with a very big question. How to improve accuracy ?!?!? Its been a week, I’m getting 2-3 mails everyday  regarding “How to improve accuracy”. So this post is answer to all those and upcoming mails. First of all the problem is really big and complex, And to understand the problem first […]