CodeIgniter – Get controller or method name

Hey everyone! Ever since I wrote a few posts on CodeIgniter and published Facebook PHP SDK for CodeIgniter library, and I have been asked this very same question many times. How to get name of current controller (Class) and method (Function)? Its pretty simple one line code and can be easily found through Google. But […]

Video Capturing In Java Using JMF

Hello Everyone, I’m back with something new, while exploring Java and this time the API is : Java Media Framework (JMF). Well this time I’m going to share how you can create Video Capturing Application Or you can say a Webcam in Java using JMF API. Here’s a cap : No more words and without […]

Image processing in PHP

Hello All, Here’s a simple PHP code to convert an image into Black and White Or Negative Or any other color combination. Demo : Click here to see the code Enjoy!

Screen Shot Using Java

Hello all, I’m back ! Hope you all enjoyed Christmas. Today, I will tell you how to take screen shot and save it as .jpg, .png, .gif ( and so on ) file using java program. Rectangle rectangle = new Rectangle(x, y, width, height); // x = pixel from left // y = pixel from […]