CodeIgniter – Get controller or method name

Hey everyone! Ever since I wrote a few posts on CodeIgniter and published Facebook PHP SDK for CodeIgniter library, and I have been asked this very same question many times. How to get name of current controller (Class) and method (Function)? Its pretty simple one line code and can be easily found through Google. But […]

Facebook PHP SDK for CodeIgniter

Integrating Facebook PHP SDK is not that hard, it only takes few minutes to do that. But its completely different story when you are integrating it with CodeIgniter. Thats because Facebook PHP SDK takes input from $_REQUEST variable while CodeIgniter purges the $_REQUEST variable for security reasons. Other important reason is theres no dedicated library […]

Making External Calls – CodeIgniter

In web development, sometimes you have to use multiple scripts but preferably with same design. I personally prefer CodeIgniter PHP framework for website development. So I end up in situation where I had to integrate third party scripts with CodeIgniter but keeping the same layout and design site wide. Not just design but also the […]

Image Processing and Computer Vision – NAO

Hey everyone, In this post, I will be talking about my dissertation project, which is based on Computer Vision. Lets start from the beginning, I’m working on Ball detection and distance measurement for RoboCup, specifically on NAO Robots. I’m developing this project in Java and using Java Media Framework (JMF) for visual input from webcam […]

Back with updates – Feb, 2013

Been off from blogging for almost a year. Last year was one of the busiest year of my life so far (Still my friends think I’m really free and jobless guy, duh!). One big decision and change was moving to Elance as freelancing and project management site. After the acquisition and merger of Scriptlance by […]

Dissertation Project

Hello Everyone, This category will be all about my dissertation project, which is based on Computer Vision techniques for Nao Robots in use for RoboCup. Stay tuned for further updates. Regards, Puneet Kalra

Code knowledge – useful?

Hey everyone, There’s something about being able to code that will always impress people, and it’s probably because you have the ability to create and change software and sites at a base level, with a level of customisability unavailable to those who can’t code. But some wonder what it’s useful for, or why they can’t […]

Update 2011

Hello everyone, YES! I’m back. This is my first update for year 2011. Okay, I know it’s April and I haven’t update anything here. Now, I’m near to end of my first year of BSc (Hons) Computing at University of Wales, Newport and I’m loving it. Now I can say I’m living my dream. Study […]

Robotics : The First Step

Introductionary video of Aldebaran Robotics’ Nao Starting my robotics journey with learning and working on Aldebaran Robotics’ NAO Robot at Cognitive Robotics Research Centre, which is led by Dr. Torbjorn Dahl. It’s been more than a month since i have joined them and environment is just awesome. Everyone is really helpful and good to me. […]

Back To Basics : Number Systems

Hello everyone, In this post, I will be talking about Number Systems. Yes, Even after researching and discussing on such advance topics like Speech Recognition, Image processing etc. I’m still posting this basic but very important thing for hackers, Wait! Chill, I’m using first term for hackers. Those who are into Computing. Being honest, I […]