Call Beaver Builder layouts and templates from PHP – WordPress

Load Beaver Builder layouts and templates from PHP.

Load Beaver Builder layouts, templates and rows from PHP and render the content from specific post.


Get user roles of current logged in user – WordPress

How to check if a user is in a specific role in WordPress?

To get user roles of currently logged in user and match it against a specific user role.


Speech Recognizer In Java – CMUSphinx [HD]

Speech Recognizer in java using Eclipse SDK.

I’m using Sphinx 4. It’s a Speech Recognizer API (no synthesizer) written in java. Sphinx 4 is an implementation of Java Speech API (JSAPI) 1.0.

Requirements to work according to the tutorial :

1 ) JDK 6 ( J2SE )

2 ) Eclipse SDK ( Im using Eclipse 3.4.0 )

3 ) Sphinx 4.0

4 ) JSAPI ( Included in Sphinx 4.0 )

Other Articles :

Basics of Java Speech Grammar Format ( JSGF )

Expanding Dictionary Of Acoustic Model

How To Improve Accuracy ( Sphinx 4 )

Object Detection and Segmentation – Android

Object Detection and Segmentation application for Android.

Screenshots and video, both are taken on Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

I developed this application as project assignment which unfortunately didn’t go well. So, I’m sharing results here. Please feel free to share your thoughts.