Aah! Finally got some free time.

Last two months were so damn busy that sometimes i feel like, I updated my blog  just a week ago.

Anyways, I know its already more than 2 months i haven’t updated my blog.

No such informational things to tell you about, Let me share few major project i have done in these 2 months.

1 ) Voice Reminder System – Basically a voice command based system to store voice reminders and play them on scheduled time. Using JSAPI ( Sphinx and FreeTTS Specifically ), JMF, JavaMail, JAF. ( I’ll be posting a video demonstrating this application soon )

2 ) Image Processing Application – An Image Editor application having all the features like any other image editor. Special feature is Image processing to other colors combos like Black ‘n’ White, Negative and more upto 80 combos.

3 ) Well well, This one is my favorite and Little private too. This one is a website based on HTML 5, CSS3 and JS. This one is going the complete fun package. Launching soon! 🙂

This is it for now ! Stay tuned for more  updates and specially the video.

Signing Off! ~Puneet Kalra

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  1. hello Kalra,

    this is a cool tutorial.i am making an automated voice newspaper using both freeTTS and Sphinix-4.i have successfully configure both on jdk1.6 on windows 7 but not getting how to run both of them simultaneously is there any solution?

    i will be waiting for your reply

    have a good day!

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