Hey everyone,

I hope you guys are doing well.

First of all, Thanks for being so supportive, appreciating my work and posting such nice comments. Also, Sorry for not updating my blog as I’m really busy these days.

And yes, few updates from my research.. Yeah Yeah! I know, I’m busy but still, I can’t stop it, I’m addicted to it now. New things, New problems, New ways to think and Finally the New SOLUTIONS ! That’s how it goes!

Let’s talk about Sphinx, firstly, I got a partner to work on it. “Puneet Jindal” , Another Stubborn guy like me *Lol*, always ready to burn up his mind and a die hard Algo’s Lover. He’s pursuing B.Tech ( finaly year ) from NIT,Kurukshetra. We have got 85-90% accuracy on hundreds ( as the Accuracy Tracker says ) and now we are working with thousands of words to get same accuracy level on them.

Second major topic is HTML5, And I’m really loving it ! Not much to share about it. Just want to say, “HTML5 is just SO AWESOME” !

Now the upcoming topics, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), 3D Painting and Gaming/Artificial Intelligence Algo’s. I haven’t really started working on these topics, You can say that I’m having my one eye on them.

That’s it for now !

~Puneet Kalra