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I am Puneet Kalra. Originally from Phagwara, Punjab (India). Pursuing final year of BSC (Hons.) Computing and undergraduate member of Cognitive Robotics Research Centre at University of Wales, Newport (United Kingdom). I’m a Sun certified java programmer. Before this, I have done ANIIT (2 years software engineering diploma) from NIIT.

Playing with server side scripting / application programming languages is my hobby and developing socialized machines (or robots) is my passion. I started learning programming languages when I was 13 years old. I started off learning web development with some help from my brother and purchased my first domain by earning from “Pay per click” website (yes! I really earned it that way). After getting hold of web development skills, I continued self-learning and searching then accidently or you can say coincidentally end up registering account on Scriptlance.com in December, 2005. That’s how I started my freelance career. Right now, I’m working on Elance.com as freelance developer.

I’m very much interested in Socializing machines. Passionate about developing more “Human friendly” machines or applications. My interest areas are Computer Vision and Image Processing. I’m interested in techniques to analyse, enhance and understand images or set of images to identify the properties of objects…


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    1. hello sir i am facing some problems in sphinx voice recognition java i really need your problem.this is my final year project. and i really need your help please please please help me.

    2. puneet sir i need some suggessions kindly tell me how i will communicate you if you have some time for my problem.

  1. i am looking for a java programmer that knows sphinx.

    I also would like him to have done blackberry applicaitons. Please if you are such person – contact me on skype id: *****

  2. Hello Ayushmaan,

    I’m from India.

    I’m almost done with my 2 year tech. diploma (ANIIT) from NIIT.

    And, 3 months professional training on java from IT Solution company.

    After that, I have worked on my own and still doing.


  3. Great going puneet i really appriciate your work yaar if u want to share your java knowledge, most welcome. I am too explore and want do something new in java.

  4. you’re really a gr8 programmer and developer. Didn’t think tht a u’d be doing a lot of work. Feel proud to have u as my guide.

  5. Hello Puneet,

    I am looking for a skilled programmer that have experience in speech recognition for a very interesting project that combines speech recognition and much more. Are you that man? How can I contact you?

  6. Hi Puneet,

    I’m a beginner trying to test Sphinx, I’ve encounter some problems in applying it to my project.

    I’ve emailed you my problem, I hope you can be able to help me. I’m still downloading your tutorial.


  7. hello puneet

    how r u ?

    thanks for providing speech recognizer in java tutorial.

    well i am developing a voice enabled scientific calculator in java. it would be my pleasure to have some good tips from you .if you are having any kind of material regarding javax.speech.recognition please mail me at : rahulhooda@mail.com

  8. hello puneet u r doin gr8 work i m interested in artificial intelligence and robotics can u gve me some tips on hw to make my base perfect for these 2 topics…….thnks regards andy

  9. Hey guys,

    @Hatim & Akshay, thanks guys.

    @Andy, Thanks. Both topics are really vast and you can’t really cover whole. So i would suggest you to choose a sub-topic (specialization) first. Unlike me, if you love reading books, There are many good ones available on net. Go for them or Google for a specific topic and read about it from good sources with key points and examples as well and that’s what i usually do.

    Best of luck ! 🙂

  10. Hi Puneet,

    I am working in speech recognition, but my development platform is MATLAB, i am facing some error in my program, could you help me in that?

    kindly reply.

  11. @Pradnya, Thanks mate 🙂

    @Ankita, Thanks for commenting. Sure, I will try my best. Get in contact through my Facebook page for better communication. I’m usually slow here.


    Punet Kalra

    1. Hello Mr Puneet Kalra,

      I am a doctoral student from Algeria

      I saw your video on youtube in Sphinx-4, I plaisnte if you help me to use it, but my problem is the download version: sphinx4-1.0beta4-src.zip, or file is damaged, and thank you

  12. Hi puneet bhai,

    I had seen your tutorial video on sphinx4 and have created one as in the video. i have tried to build an application with sphinx & have created the grammar file and configure file but was not able to run the application. Would you help me to create the application that can recognize sentences like ” I want to read the book engineering mathematics by the author ‘Grewal’ such n such.Would u?

  13. Big Hello from Croatia, small country in Europe.

    You made a nice video tutorial about Sphinx.

    How I can make a Sphinx to recognize my language. We pronounce letters in word like we write.

    Any suggest.


  14. Dear Sir

    I am a student of class 9. I want develop a software in java on voice recognition. I have also seen your video (Speech Recognizer In Java – Sphinx 4 [HD]). I must tell it was very helpful to me. But can you please send the steps to make a voice recognition in Netbeans

    8.0. Please sent the required steps on my email id hardik20sharma@gmail.com

  15. Hello Sir,

    I have also seen your video (Speech Recognizer In Java – Sphinx 4) and it was very helpful for me. I have created my acoustic model and language model file for another language. But I am in stuck I am not getting how to integrate these two model in sphinx4 and where to integrate so that the language will be recognize. Plz help.

  16. how to resolve problem with use upload image to show, height specific automatic, how to specific accord image upload preview ;( in project JQ Image Drag

  17. sir i need your help i need to develop java application of voice recognition using my mathertongue what can i do rercod voice grammar ,create library ,or matching voice can you help me i m student in university i need to do it like finally project

  18. hi

    thank you, im new in facebook sdk, i installed your demo successfully in a codeigniter installation in my localhost wamp, now i have a question please…in the sdk documentation the user access token should last only for 1-2 hours, but after i log in it never expire each time i turn my computer i find my user logged in in codeigniter….how is that ?!!!

    thank you very much.

  19. hi

    can you help me please i found a bug in your codeigniter library for facebook please ?

    in your example after you login first time and then you logout if you press f5/refresh browser and try to login it will not log you in from first time , you have to refresh several times in order to activate the login link…


  20. I saw your video which used sphinx4 to convert voice to text.Do you know who to use sphinx4 for closed captioning.??Thanks in advance

  21. Hi Punnet

    i also belongs from hisar and did a trainning in java from MBN informatics in 2012. i think he is your brother bulley kalra.. so today i used your script login with facebook in CI its working very smooth

    Thank you so much.

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