JQ Image Drag

JQ Image Drag

Allows images to be positioned using mouse drag just like Facebook cover pictures and thumbnails.

Example? Position the image above using mouse (currently positioned at ).

Easy to Use

Just include the js file and call $('#elem').imagedrag(); in your js code.

Fast & Small

1 KB JavaScript (minified). That's all.

Browser Compatibllity

Better compatibility is on the roadmap, but currently it should work in recent versions of Firefox, Chrome and IE.

Free & Open-Source

Free and open-source (including commercial use). Published under MIT license.


input // Selector for output value.

attribute // Target attribute on selector.
default value: 'value'

position // Default position for image.
options: top, middle, bottom, or specific margin.
default value: 'middle'

cursor // Cursor type on image drag.
default value: 'move'

Developed with <3

With by Puneet Kalra.